Glan-y-Mor, The Knap, Barry


Please contact me with your memories of Glan-y-Mor.

I was resident at Glanymor from the day it first opened as a UWIST hall of residence on, I think, the third Sunday in September 1969, for the full three years 69-70, 70-71, 71-72.  In the second term of my first year I was elected NUS Secretary on the UWIST Student Union for 70-71 but refused to move down to digs near the Union in the what was then called the New Building in Cathays Park, preferring to remain with the Gimblett's at the unique Glanymor.  And lucky that I did because September 70 saw the arrival of one Christine Webb who was, after us both graduating, to become my wife in 1974 and, 33 years later, we are amazingly still married!

During 70-71 I stood for Union President for 71-72 but failed by the then narrowest margin ever to the person who was to become our best man (not from Glanymor).  But Chris (as she prefers to be called) become General Secretary of the Union for 71-72 whilst also remaining at Glanymor.

I stayed at Glanymor for a third year in 71-72 and it was during that year that I became aware that UWIST was considering taking its option to terminate the contract at the end of that year after three years.  The person who was apparently behind this was the UWIST Bursar John Woods and I invited him up to spend an evening at Glanymor, mostly sitting in the lounge and chatting to me and other residents but seeing just what a great community it was stuck out there at Barry.  I cannot say whether that visit was decisive but believe it had a positive influence on the decision to continue with Glanymor for what proved to be another six years - Denis Miles

One memory I will always keep is of Jasper the spaniel and how he used to walk around the corridors. he never liked me! I also remember buying cans of lager from the evening tuck shop before settling down to watch the communal TV and Fawlty Towers - Paul Martin

...taking wheels off a car and hanging round the chimney stack, borrowing a road sign... Taff Tiki, bonfire on beach and then Bindles, ice skating and trips to Gower, Caswell bay etc... the mini bus trips into Cardiff , good times in the Water's Edge - John Granby (Scouse)

Rat Pie, Brains beer, burning toast, wild late night drives along the beach carpark hooting and shouting at the steamed up cars (Mal driving!!), soggy drives to college in Bills' moke, John B's overloaded mini crawling up the hill home from college, removal of Bob Ludlow's car wheels, Mal's amazing kite, coach trips to the Gower and the wonderful beaches, apple pie and upturned beds, removing Rob J's room contents to the lounge and him waking up to find himself there, canoe surfing, Butlins' fairground and soggy chips at Barry Island, Fantasia on Wednesday nights, girls and boys' rugby in the park, difficulty getting back up over the wall after a few drinks at the 'Edge', large parties in fancy dress at Bindles, cheese and beans on toast at the 'Bridge', G-Y-M Christmas dinners (Say no more!), watching Monty Python, 'Take a letter Tom's' sun visor, Jerry's Scarlet Pimpernel, Leonard Cohen's dirges, my dark room ( but I loved it really), running feet on the corridors, birthday bathtimes, all night working on design projects for hand-ins, caffeine tablets and friends who last a lifetime! Wonderful memories, wish we could do it all again! - Jane Arnett

I can reach out and touch those years - Lois Goff

What a great way to start university life! I remember the Rugby match vividly- only wish we had won!! We had such stars as well; mad Mark Rowland at ' scrum 'arf ', Geraint 'what rules?' Evans on the wing, 'Big Boy' Bennett in the front row with Phil 'the hooker' Dane, 'Fingers' Jarvis, Paul 'hit man' Martin, Frank 'where's my hockey stick' Ravenscroft, and Barry 'nice chap' Simm to mention but a few. Thanks for the memories guys ( - and all you wonderful gals who turned out to cheer us on!) - Tony Royle

Mrs G's great plan of boys one end and girls the other didn't quite work. Good try. - Anita Pratt

Cheese/beans/eggs (perm any two from three) on toast at the Bridge Caff. - Geoff Franklin.

I drove the mini bus from time to time, but flatly refused to do the obligatory handbrake turn in the Bridge Café car park before continuing up the hill. - Penny Cobb (now Downing).

Raids on rooms by Mrs G.  Half a dozen of us waiting silently for about an hour in one of our rooms to photograph a mouse. Golden memories of relaxing on the lawns listening to Dark Side of the Moon on headphones with long extension leads plugged into our rooms above. The only problem was having to go up to the room every 25 minutes to turn the record over. Pity about the academic work, it did tend to get in the way of an otherwise perfect holiday.  - Jeremy Riches.

Malcolm Theaker's arrest for poaching - (we all remember this!)

Mrs G's breakfasts, cooking meals in the communal kitchens, drying out my soggy motorcycle gear in the "drying room", sunbathing on the tennis courts, winter walks on the windswept pebble beach, the tuck shop, study room (never went there myself!), the skateboard craze, the mysterious upstairs "servants quarters", queuing to use the only telephone, Shahab the mad Persian mini-bus driver, and of course drinking at the Waters Edge, the Ship and the Barry Hotel. Oh, and discos at Barry Coll and Bindles - Graham Booth

Mrs G using the fire hose on the girls when they were sunbathing on the lawn, and had undone their bikini tops - Kita Gimblett (now Williams)

Parties on the beach, all night discos, sitting on the corridors talking - Mrs G.

Striptease - Pete Holter taking his frock off and Tom Winstanley playing the piano - Patrick Wilson.

... rather basic conditions ...old diesel trains ...student floats ... discos using my (even then) ancient reel-to-reel tape recorder as one of the music sources.... you could work out the day of the week by what was served for breakfast. Friday was bacon and tomatoes arrows flying below the cliff line, and some of us looking out over the top of them from the cliffs just above GYM. ... the time someone nearly drowned in a canoe, and I think it was Mal that went out and rescued him. ... the talent show - Paul Castle.

Sausage and beans breakfasts and being in constant trouble with Mrs G! And the stench when Bennett et al came in from canoeing at Barry Island - all that sewage! Tootles to The Water's Edge - and Sichel putting ice down my shirt when my mum was staying at the Edge - Sarah Ward

When I first arrived at Glan-y-Mor I wondered how I would ever get to sleep. It was foggy over The Bristol Channel and the fog horn kept me awake. After that I found it strangely soothing and was disappointed when it wasn't foggy. Saturday tea times were amazing for those of us who used to gather in the self-catering kitched on the 1st floor. I think Health and Safety would close it down now. As I recall Jasper, the Gs Brown and white spaniel, would often hang around there. I seem to recall parquet flooring that had seen better days all over the place. In the "recreation room" (there's posh) there was a table tennis table and the net was usually quite flaccid. There was also a darts board but since I threw darts something akin to a sort of javelin style I really wasn't often encouraged to play. Somebody, probably Leighton Griffiths, brought in a Rugby Ball and we would play on the excuse for a field bordering the famous Waters Edge steps. Someone did a towering " up and under " and Tony Owen ran after the ball. He did a valiant job though I'm not sure whether he caught the ball because in his efforts to keep his eye on the ball he didn't keep his eye on the looming Waters Edge car park about 10 feet below him. He promptly disappeared over the edge and landed on the bonnet of a car. The car owner was very pleasant and I think Tony phoned his parents in Kendal to ask if they could make good the damage. Another incident I remember is the leaving of Terry Mullan. A group of us threw him into the Lake just by Glan-y-Mor. He got his own back though because he ran back to Glan-y-Mor told Mrs.G that he couldn't find his room key, got hold of the master key then proceeded to dry himself off by letting himself into all our bedrooms and rolling around in the beds until he got dry. Unlike Graham Booth I did find my way into the study but spent most of the time mucking about or watching the planes almost fly into the cliff (or so it seemed) as they flew into Rhoose. I remember Krystyna Maria Zabkiewicz, Barbara Shaw, Kathy from Diggle, Liz from Petersfield, Jez from 'Ull, Jim Lubbock, Pete Gore, Paul Jones, Lena Joshi, Eddie "Scouse" Franklin, Geoff Tweddle, Sulieman, Little Sue (who I think had a thing going with Paul Morgan), Shahab and quite a few others whose faces sometimes loom up in front of me when I have a fever!! The Bridge Cafe was an institution. If you were really lucky you could get cheese on toast on a crust and none of this Kraft Cheese slices nonsense, I'll have you know. One of the most enduring memories I have is building a raft for the Taff-Tiki. I was one of those foolhardy souls who paddled the ropey/rubbery thing we constructed from Pontypridd down to the Weir at Pontcanna. We got stuck on the Weir so I got off to push and went totally under...and I wasn't the one with the wet suit. Abdul and myself ended up at Cardiff Infirmary having various injections before they would let us out. That awful winter when the drifting snow went right up to the top of the verandah and we burrowed a hole underneath. - Keiran Kennedy (77-78, Room 55)