Glan-y-Mor, The Knap, Barry

Holiday-Makers' Corner

Message from Mrs G 18.8.07: For those at holiday makers' corner. It is with great sadness that I must inform everyone of the sudden death of Mr Jon Styler on 14th August 2007. For all those who knew Jon at Glanymor, he was an excellent assistant to dad, and a very good friend to me. I am sure we will all take a moment to think of the good times he gave us at 2.00 pm on the 30th August when his funeral will take place in Newport.

Reply from Walter Exall 19.8.07: We were very sorry to hear of the death of Jon Styler.   We will remember him and his unforgetable piano playing for us at Glan-y-mor social nights.   Many thanks to Kitty Gimblet for keeping in touch with us.   Our thoughts are with you all.

John Gimblett

(From emails 6th and 10th October 2007)

"I have just returned from a day out at Cold Knap with my son. I was telling him of all the good times I had there with my father in the 1960s and 1970s. I also showed him the site of Glan y Mor.

I'm John Edward Gimblett. My father was John Gimblett (d. 1987), who was Cled Gimblett's brother. So, Cled was my uncle and Kita (whom I've not seen since 1977 even though I also live in Newport) my cousin. I see my cousin Gaynor is on your site - her father is my dad's brother (my uncle) Doug. I live within 100yds of him and auntie Margaret. My father John had three brothers - Cled, Doug and David (died some time ago now). He also had one sister, Peg, who's lived in the USA since the 1950s, in Oklahoma.

I was just searching for pics of the house, which is how I came across the Glan y Mor site. I have no photos at all of the house or of being there.

Over the years I've thought of Glan y Mor often and very fondly. Good, good memories. I remember much of the kitchens, funnily enough, as Cled and Colin always seemed to be working in there when we visited! Cled would give me packets of jelly to eat, though I don't remember ever having a meal there! The kitchen was always busy, as you can imagine. I remember the snooker room, with two full-size tables, then the Hall which I don't really know the purpose of. There were table tennis tables there sometimes.

I remembered the lawns being huge but looking at the old photos now I see the grounds weren't that big. There were tennis courts at the end by the beach, and I remember horses there too. I don't remember it ever raining at Cold Knap, though obviously it must have - frequently!

The last time I visited was with some friends in the summer of 1977. Blazingly hot, and we swam in the sea there. It was the summer of disco, and I remember vividly there was disco music (Bee Gees) playing loudly in the Hall and students (?) dancing to it. This was in the afternoon, which seems a bit strange!

Do people still swim in the sea at Cold Knap? As a small boy I have fond memories of swimming there with my dad, though the sea was quite rough and the pebbles very uncomfortable.

I know when the family heard the place was going to be knocked down we were all shocked, and I think it had a profound effect on Cled, Rose and the kids."

Walter Exall

Walter's embroidered tablecloth. The signatures on it include Colin, Rose, Sandra, David, Cledwyn and M.G.Gimblett

Reg Thomas took Walter's Fancy dress photographs

From Emails 28.9.06 - 3.10.06:

"My family and I spent many many years at the holiday centre Glan-y-Mor during the 1950's - 1960's coming back year after year.  We still keep in touch with a few other holiday families and the now Rev. Bryon Jones who has now retired.   We well remember the fancy dress nights and still have loads of photographs taken by the photographer that lived just up the road.  John Styler took an appointment in  Worcester as Headmaster of a school and we remember his piano playing with joy.  On a number of occassions we took down to Glan-y mor a tablecloth which many people signed including Cled and then my wife Kathleen and I spent the winter months embroidering their names for a lifelong keepsake.   There were the Williams from Port talbot, The Lewis's from Ebbw Vale,  the Sparrows from Birmingham and Inspector Jack Manning and his family from London just to name a few.   I could go on and on with very pleasant memories.   The highlight was the Sunday evenings and hymn singing in the lounge and the endless games of table bowls.    It is so nice to re-cap the times past and thank everyone for making our life as full as it can be.   Kath and I are in our 80's with children Christine and Brian."

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