Glan-y-Mor, The Knap, Barry

Mr & Mrs Gimblett & Family

Mr Cledwyn Gimblett started work at Glan-y-mor in 1937 as a chef.  He was eventually promoted to resident secretary, helped by his wife, Rose Gimblett (Mrs G.), and family. Sadly, he passed away in 1987.

When Glan-y-Mor closed in 1979 Mrs G. moved to a house at the other end of Barry. She had four children: Alun (the eldest), Sandra, Colin and Kita (the youngest).  She also had nine grandchildren and nine great grandchildren.

Her daughter Kita Williams lives in Newport (Gwent), not too far away. Until November 2005 Kita ran a pub, but sold out the business and now lives in a house, the first time since leaving Glan-y-Mor! She married Huw and they had three children. Kita, who was 10 at the time, remembers Mrs G using the fire hose on the girl students who were sunbathing on the lawn - as they had undone their bikini tops!! There was also an occasion when Mrs G set off the fire alarm at midnight to find out who came out of who's rooms!

To quote from her Friends Reunited entry:

"Hello all, I'm still here, a little older, and a little slower. Miss you all, and remember all the mischief you used to cause. Parties on the beach, all night discos, sitting on the corridors talking".

Sadly, after writing this Friends Reunited entry, Mrs G's health deteriorated. She became wheelchair bound and rather forgetful. In 2006 she emigrated to Mallorca to live with her daughter Sandra who ran a bar out there, but returned just three weeks later due to deteriorating health. The family had also been concerned about her access to the quality of medical care that she needed. She lived in the same house in Barry that she moved to when Glan-y-Mor closed and was looked after by Colin who still lives there. She passed away in her sleep on 30th October 2007.

Mrs G thought of us as her extended family and appreciated hearing from ex-residents.

Rose Gimblett. 18th November 1920 - 30th October 2007